Drquik FAQ

There are some questions which we are asked time and again. We have accordingly listed them herein below and provided suitable answers to save your time.

What is Dr Quik?

Dr Quik is part of Eshwar E Business Private Limited. doctorquik.com provides a gateway to users/patients to connect with healthcare service providers including, but not limited to hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, medical practitioners, nurses, pathological laboratories, diagnostic centres, immunization centres, health centres, medical centres, research centres, rehabilitation centres, fitness centres, ambulance, blood banks, chemists, home visiting medical practitioners, nurses and home collection assistants etc. Patients benefit from far greater choices and can book instant appointments with these healthcare service providers based on their needs and preferences. At doctorquik.com one can search for the best Indian doctors online in quick time. The service is accessible 24/7 via the website, as well as mobile app and supported by our toll-free customer care centre 1800-108-4455.

Why this name Dr Quik?

When we started this venture, our first reference point was the speed of the service hence the name Dr Quik came to us. As we moved forward in our endeavour, patients became the centre of our universe.

How is Dr Quik different from other online appointment services for doctors?

The difference lies in our focus. We have made a humble attempt at providing some monetary relief to customers who otherwise run from pillar to post to meet the exorbitant cost of treatment for their loved ones or themselves. For this purpose we have endeavoured to convince healthcare service providers to give rebates to customers.

Does Dr quik provide any healthcare service?

It is doctors, hospitals or diagnostics etc who provide you healthcare services. We merely provide a platform where you can book online healthcare appointment of your choice and/or access information.

If I use your service, can I book appointment with health care providers across India?

Presently Dr Quik is only available in Delhi/ NCR.

I know a doctor in Delhi/ NCR who is my family doctor, but I don’t find his name on your website?

As we are not old enough in the service, at present we have been able to negotiate with some of the healthcare service providers. We are in the process of bringing in a lot more. In the meanwhile you can book appointment with only those who are registered with us.

How much do I have to pay you to fix an appointment with a doctor?

This service is free for patients. What is more we also maintain patient’s electronic health record for free if they become registered user of our services.

Does it mean that I don’t have to pay fee to the health care provider, if I register myself as user at your website?

While we take every pain to connect you with the healthcare service provider of your choice, we have no authority as such over the healthcare service providers to make their services free for you. What we do is, we try to convince the healthcare service providers to give you at least 10% rebate in their fee. In some cases, healthcare service providers agree to provide even 15 to 20% rebate to our registered users.
The rebate given by the healthcare service providers to our users, is clearly mentioned at our website including their original fee . It is however advised that you must double-check the fee with the concerned healthcare service provider before fixing an appointment and/or visiting them.

How does Dr Quik make money?

we generate some money from advertisements on our website. This is the only source of revenue we have presently.

How do I book an appointment with a doctor at Dr Quik?

When you go to the first page of Dr Quik, you will find the doctors link in blue (symbolically pre-selected for your convenience). Below therein, you will find area and specialty of the doctor. Once you fill those fields, the doctors’ page will open where you can select your preference on the left side viz-qualification, experience and consultation fee and move on to select the doctor. Once you complete the required info, you will find a page confirming that your appointment has been booked. You will also receive an SMS and email confirming your appointment. Should you need any further help you can always call at our toll-free customer care centre 1800-108-4455.

Once I get confirmation sms from you should I also confirm it with the doctor?

You don’t need to. In case there is some change in the schedule of the doctor/ healthcare service provider, our support team will get in touch with you. They will send you an sms and email informing you about the change in schedule. They will help you find a new suitable time of appointment.

What should I do if I need to reschedule my appointment with the doctor?

Presently our system works on the premise that both doctors and patient show respect to the schedule of appointment. That is why the appointment scheduler does not provide the option of rescheduling. However, if such is the case you may get in touch with our toll-free customer care centre 1800-108-4455 and depending on the availability of the doctor/ healthcare service provider your appointment would be rescheduled.

Can you help me in selecting the doctor?

Only you know which doctor suits your requirements best. For your convenience we provide many filters viz, qualification, experience, fee and hospital. You are also advised to go on the profile page of a doctor where you would get more detailed information about him. There you would also get rating and reviews from other verified users.

Do you get some commission from the doctor for this service?

No, we don’t. We don’t charge doctors for referrals, because we don’t indulge in any referral activity.

I am very happy with the service of Dr Quik, how can I let others know about my experience?

We thank you from the core of our heart for your compliment. You can connect with us at our facebook, twitter, linkedin and google+ pages. Please stay in touch.

I am an MBA from a reputed institute. Is there any vacancy for me at Doctor Quik?

If you wish to be a part of our team, please go through our career page. Or you can send us your resume at hr@doctorquik.com.

How do I register myself as a user?

When you go the homepage, you see register option at the top right. Click it and fill your name, email id, mobile number and password. You will receive an email confirming your registration.

I don’t remember my password, now what should I do?

After you have registered yourself you can go to the login page. There you would see reset your password option just below the login tab.

How do I know that the information I share with Dr Quik shall be protected?

We respect your privacy and we will use your personal information in such a manner that your privacy is well-protected at all times. For more information kindly read our privacy policy.

Is it possible for you to arrange a doctors’ visit at our house?

There are doctors who are ready to go on call. When you select a doctor at our website please check the tab of at your home. When you bring your curser here you would see the fee of the doctor for this service.

I have a friend who is very poor. He cannot afford the fee of the doctor. Can you do something?

Certainly yes. This was our purpose of starting this service and it shall always remain the core of our policy. The good part is that there are many doctors who don’t charge any fee from poor patients. On our website you will see a tab ‘Free for Poor’ just below the name of the doctor. This way you can select a suitable doctor for your friend.